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Why Choose H.I.A.

You’re Not Just Another Number

With some agencies you are just another number. But at Human Interest Agency your case matters! Human Interest Agency has been successfully collecting child support in Texas since 1993!

We work directly with you from your initial contact to your final support payment. At Human Interest Agency our mission is to provide strong and effective child support enforcement. We have been successful in difficult cases even when the noncustodial parent lives in a different state or when the noncustodial parent frequently changes jobs.

We provide our clients with individualized attention to make sure we deliver results for you. Our trained and dedicated staff will work with you one on one to be sure your case is always moving forward toward a resolution with ongoing updates to keep you informed.

Don't Give Up... Get The Help You Need With Human Interest Agency

Human Interest Child Support Enforcement Agency specializes in helping custodial parents get the child support payments they are legally entitled to receive. We've helped thousands of parents collect millions of dollars. Let us help you.

  • We can get the child support payments started and help with any challenges along the way. If your court order is from any county in the entire state of Texas, we may be able to assist you!
  • No upfront fees. No out-of-pocket expenses! At a time when you are not receiving child support payments! We can get the process started for you immediately. No waiting until you have the money to start the case.
  • Are you tired of waiting for the support you need now for your child? Do Not Wait Any Longer... take the first step, call us. If you qualify, we will begin to work on your case immediately. If your case is viable, there is no need to wait! We have the staff to give your case the individualized attention you need!
  • You are not alone! Millions of people just like you in this country are not receiving the child support payments they are entitled to, totaling over 100 Billion Dollars nationally! Human Interest Agency has had a hand in collecting a part of this money for our clients! We are proud to say that we have made a difference in our client's lives.
  • Call now, we can help you get current support for your minor child or even after your child is an adult. Even if it's been years since you've received a payment we may be able to help... what have you got to lose except the monies that are rightfully yours!