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Locate the NCP

Our locate specialists will use information you've provided and a combination of proven methods. Pursuing all leads to locate and maintain accurate information about where the noncustodial parent lives and works. We will stay on top of any changes in location and employment to ensure that you continually collect the child support you are entitled to.


Human Interest Agency will take full advantage of the current child support laws. These laws give H.I.A.'s legal team powerful tools to take action in your case. When enforcing your court order, H.I.A.'s specialists will use a variety of effective tools to garnish the NCP's wages. Forms of wages may include current employment wages, unemployment benefits, social security benefits, etc... H.I.A.'s enforcement also includes placing liens on the NCP's personal property and/or personal assets.

At Human Interest Agency we feel no NCP is above the law!


Human Interest Agency's goal is to get money to your family either through regular sustained payments or one lump sum. Often H.I.A.'s direct negotiations with the noncustodial parent can produce results. If a scheduled payment does not come in as scheduled, our specialists are notified immediately to keep you informed and get your case back on track!

Client Support

Human Interest Agency is all about collecting what rightfully is yours through individual attention and diligence. Our specially trained staff is here to keep you informed. Keeping you informed can help make the frustrating government process tolerable.

Unlike other companies, our client support staff can be reached by telephone Monday thru Friday 9 AM - 5 PM (CST) or by email or fax. Our assistance begins when you take the first step and complete our application. Even after your case is accepted, while active and collecting money for you.

Human Interest Agency continues to monitor your case to keep it on track and keep money coming to you. At Human Interest Agency we pride ourselves on fast and successful completion of cases.