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Success Stories

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Gratification in touching the lives of real people

A Dallas mom, we will call Jacqueline, came to our child support agency four years after her divorce. The noncustodial parent had made very few payments and was in hiding. Back Child Support had reached $17,000.00. The Texas Attorney General, Division of Child Support Enforcement had not filed anything on the case. After applying our skip trace methods and technologies, it was determined that the NCP lived in or near Marshall TX. H.I.A. used a HANDS-ON approach to the case by traveling to that area of Texas. The most recent address was no longer valid. No surprise there, that is very typical in difficult cases. After interviewing several people in the area. H.I.A. talked to local law enforcement and was able to determine that the NCP worked for the government. We weren’t sure but some information pointed toward Louisiana. At least we had a lead. H.I.A. found him at a major Department near the Texas State line. Employment verification of State personnel in Louisiana is tricky. We needed and got an Order from the Texas Court. We told him that we were Texas Child Support Agents and that he owed our client back child support. We went on to explain that we would withhold from his pay check $650.00 a month. After a tense conversation, the NCP realized he couldn’t run from H.I.A. and began paying withholding that month and he never missed a payment. At the end of 7 years, my client was paid over $56,000.

Here is the really good news: two years after he made all of his payments. His son wrote us a letter on LSU Stationary saying; “Thanks for helping my mother send me to college”. He graduated with a marketing degree and his father attended his graduation

A good day in the history of H.I.A., Child Support Enforcement.

Step 1 was to bring the case to court and get a legal judgment of 57,000 dollars in back child support. That's was only the beginning of one of the longest collection efforts in H.I.A. history. After 2 years tracking and investigating this case, H.I.A. obtained some information that the NCP was heir to a large ranch in west Texas. Based on this tip, H.I.A. began to piece together all the players from the landowners, to the family tree and any related probate. Those records were very fragmented and difficult to verify. H.I.A. continued its investigation, but Texas ranch land is a big industry with many players.

A break in the case came with the discovery of an owner of the property, who turned out to be the half-brother of the NCP. This information came in the nick of time with the property under contract for sale and set to close in 3 days. H.I.A. traveled immediately to West Texas to find the title office and explain that H.I.A. filed a Lien a year earlier. The Title office was unaware of the Lien and admitted to missing it when conducting its Title Search. At 1:30 PM buyer and seller appeared at the title office to complete the transaction only now with the proper Child Support Lien in place. H.I.A. collected a check for mom and child in the amount of $57,000.00. Mom was excited to say the least and so appreciative for the help she wasn’t getting anywhere else. She subsequently sent H.I.A. 6 new clients.

No NCP is above the law

In this case the NCP went on to marry a women making 6 figures, lived with her in a 500,000 dollar house and focused his time on finishing law school; but, never paid his child support. H.I.A. tracked him down in another part of Texas. The NCP liked to ride his bike supposedly to take a break from studying. This would provide the opportunity to serve the NCP with court papers. It all went according to plan and the NCP was served with papers he certainly could understand being that he was practically a lawyer already; but not quite. In fact, not only was H.I.A. able to use potential contempt issues to compel the NCP to pay but also the fact that it became clear that the State Bar of Texas required the NCP to pay his child support as well. Not wanting to see her husband so down and out, the new wife came up with nearly 80,000 dollars cash. What a payday for mom and child!


We saw positive progress on this case right through judgment in our favor. We would highly recommend Human Interest Agency for anyone in a similar unfortunate situation. - Alisa H

After years of frustration dealing with the Attorney General, I am finally getting my support thanks to Human Interest Agency. They truly do what they say, they get the child support you deserve! Thanks H.I.A. - Jennifer H

I would highly recommend H.I.A.! Dealing with my ex was something that I definitely did not want to do. Human Interest Agency took care of everything without me having to contact him. I am collecting support after years of him trying to dodge his obligation! - Susan R

I wish I would have heard of H.I.A. sooner! After only a few months, I was finally collecting child support. I have been dealing with government agencies that seemed to just give me the run around! Years later, I found H.I.A. and it took them a fraction of the time to "get me the money I desperately needed". - Rhonda S

It was a pleasure to work with the people at Human Interest Agency. From the start they made me feel that my case was important! The process was easy and quick! Thanks so much for helping my child get the money that he deserves for his education! - James I.

I would highly recommend Human Interest Agency! They get the job done! Do yourself a favor and start here! You'll save yourself time and frustration! - Pamela R