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History of H.I.A.
History of H.I.A.

Heritage of Human Interest Agency (H.I.A.)

Human Interest Agency was founded by Mike Human. In the Late 1980’s Child Support Enforcement became a higher priority in States around the country as a result of stronger child support laws. In Texas, Mike Human was pioneering the new efforts and tactics to better enforce Child Support Orders at the Attorney General’s office of child support enforcement. Mike worked closely with his friend and mentor, Attorney General Jim Mattox who had hand-picked Mike to go after any so called “deadbeat dad” and make him pay child support. By 1993, Mike was the Lead Agent in the Dallas division of child support enforcement. He handled the high profile and most difficult cases which usually involved litigation and hard to locate Non Custodial Parents. It was clear to Mike that certain cases needed to be handled in a very “hands-on” manner utilizing investigative talent, speed, and aggressive prosecution by a State of Texas child support attorney. Mike knew; “This is how to collect child support” whether it is monthly ordered support or back child support. While Mike treasures his time at the Attorney General’s Department of Child Support Enforcement, he felt that he could be a better advocate for Custodial Parents in a private child support agency. So, on May 15th, 1993, Mike Human founded Human Interest Agency, a child support agency that would affectively prosecute the most difficult child support enforcement cases and always be a strong advocate for custodial parents and their children.

Armed with a budget of 100 dollars and a staff of one; but plenty of expertise and determination, our child support agency started collecting child support. There were so many Custodial Parents that could not go to a private child support lawyer or get help from a child support attorney at the AG’s office.

Human Interest Agency’s application of back child support laws were able to help custodial parents get the kind of effective child support enforcement they desperately needed.